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  $Header: /cvs/src/jbofihe/elide.h,v 1.1 2001/01/04 21:51:29 richard Exp $

  Header file for token handling between elider and lex2

#ifndef ELIDE_H
#define ELIDE_H

#include "nodes.h"
#include "rpc_tab.h"

typedef struct {
  int value;
  YYLTYPE yylloc;
  TreeNode *yylval;
} TokenType;

/* API provided from lex2 to the elider.
  This is fatter than the normal yylex API, because the semantic value and
  line/col number info are passed by reference rather than as global vars. */

void yylex1(TokenType *res);

#endif /* ELIDE_H */

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